Once more?

Play me that ukulele of yours, Will you?

I’ve waited so long for its sound in my life

To pour on my heart those blissful tunes

To celebrate with me, to dance and to thrive!

The first time I heard you, isn’t too long back

The last time I heard you was too depressing to take,

But that ukulele of yours was so perfect and sweet,

I wish it could play for me still, even with the broken strings!

I can happily mend those strings of yours, if you let me to,

I can bring the best out of them , yes it’s true!

It’s true that I couldn’t cherish them enough before,

the tunes of your love, your motivation and your fear.

But music knows no bounds and so does my love,

Give it a chance, and play it once more,

I assure you the best song of your lifetime to hear!

I promise you to be your best audience,

To be there even for the worst show of your life

With a smile on my face, I’ll try to bring yours too,

And make you the happiest soul alive!

There must have been something, something about you

That caught my attention, every-time I was unsure,

Maybe it were the tunes of your heart, maybe of your soul

That could give my heart another chance to cure!

So as time passes by I dream and I wonder,

Will you play that ukulele of yours once more?

– A broken attempt..


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